Although this is one of the most basic exercises you can do with a mace, the basic swing is probably one of the best ways of improving shoulder function and exercising the core and arms. We will be holding the Paramace with two hands and we will use a unilateral stance. There are two simple drill we can do to make this exercise a lot easier to learn.

For the first drill, we will balance the Paramace on one side, having our weight on one leg. Before we initiate any motion, we need to get the Paramace as close to our body as possible by bending the elbows. To initiate the movement, we will rotate our pelvis to the opposite side at the same time that we rotate our leg out and we transfer our weight to it. This will create elastic potential in our oblique core muscles. We will use this elastic potential by rotating the ribcage, and swing the Paramace down to the other side, where we are going to balance it.




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