Build muscle

The angular momentum of motions of The Paraball is one of the most challenging resistance trainings for the core

Decompress your joints

The centrifugal force exerted by the motions of The Parabal provides a decompression action on your joints if the exercise is executed correctly.

Workout Anywhere

Enjoy the best core workout anywhere, The Paraball is an easy to transport tool, weather resistant, that provides a complete full body workout

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Simple tools for complex organisms

The most important tool for your training arsenal

Optimize throwing

The Paraball was primarily designed to optimize the throwing mechanics of the human body. The dynamics involved with this tool are very difficult to replicate. the centrifugal force generated by the Paraball provides the most effective core workout.

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Indoors and outdoors

Use The Paraball anytime, anywhere !



Great tool to bring to an outdoor area and get a complete workout with versatility in movement

Alex B.

A great tool for building strength and working on parabolic movements.

Jose R.

The body learns more connections and you can continue to create more challenging sequences.

Julian C.

The material of the ball is perfect, the ropes are soft on the hands.I am extremely confident that I won’t be needing to purchase another Paraball.

Shannon H.


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