Paraball Forehand Swing


The forehand swing is one of the most basic moves you can learn with the Paraball. It is a great exercise for the core, arms and it is also a very efficient way of training spine rotation, mainly in the thorax region. 

We always recommend you start lightest weights, independently of your weight or fitness level. The 3 lbs is a great to start with single handed exercises and the 6lbs to start with two handed exercises.

The Paraball is a tool designed to train THROWING MECHANICS. In short terms, the throwing motion is basically about transferring weight from one foot to the other, initiating momentum by rotating the pelvis, and delivering that momentum by rotating the ribcage. there is a requirement you have to fulfill to perform most of the exercises with the Paraball, and that is TO KEEP THE BALL ALWAYS IN MOTION. When you move the ball in a circular way there are two opposed forces exerted at the same time on it. The CENTRIFUGAL FORCE is the force that pulls the Paraball AWAY from your body. This force is going to keep it from falling to the ground by the gravity. The CENTRIPETAL force is the force that YOU have to apply to the Paraball, so it doesn´t fly away from your hands. That means that the faster you move the ball, the HARDER you will have to pull on it. This force goes in opposite direction as the centrifugal force. When both forces are in equilibrium the Paraball will move in a circular or PARABOLIC way.

Remember to always keep tension on the rope, to move the ball in the frontal plane, and to wait until the Paraball is oriented vertically to initiate the rotation of the ribcage. That is going to keep your body away from the trajectory of the ball.



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Christopher Chiles

Christopher Chiles

This took me light years to figure out. Getting the swing of it. Now balance. 💙⚡️

Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn

Hello Gabriel,
The details in your explanation are clear and concise. Shifting my weight to each side as I swing the ball is so helpful; it is getting better each time I do it!
I look forward to other videos on the practical use/application of the ParaBall.
I appreciate your help.

Andrew Lau

Andrew Lau

Thanks for doing this tutorial, Gabriel. I hope it’s the first of many. The Paraball is an amazing product, but the movements are advanced and involve the risk of hitting yourself in the head with a weighted ball, so just watching videos of people on IG using them hasn’t been quite enough to get me using mine properly yet. Please keep making these!

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